Massive bitchh

September 24, 2010 at 1:54 pm (Uncategorized)

First thing’s first. I’m kind of a bitch. If someone insults me, I insult them back. If someone tells me to “f**k off” I tell them to “f**k off” too. If someone throws pie at me I throw pie back at them. And if someone calls me a bitchh I just reply with a simple “thank you” followed by a smile that pushes them to the edge. The bad edge. The dangerously bad edge.

Being a bitchh sounds like a bad thing, but at the same time I’m,




very forgiving (sometimes a little too much)




and I will never tell a secret that should not be told, (unless someone tells me they are going to kill someone in a couple of hours and for me not to tell anyone. That’s a secret I might share. To the police)

So, this is my blog and I can write about whatever the hell I want. Ventilationspace.

There was this thing that pissed me off today. It’s actually about this girl. But “thing” is a better description. I had to sit for 40 minutes in the back seat of a car with her. The backseat of my boyfriends car. This girl is my boyfriend’s best mate’s girlfriend (I’ll give you a sec to comprehend that………….done? Good) Anyway, I hate her. She is in love with my boyfriend (I’ll give you more than a sec to comprehend that one……………done? No? Don’t worry, I took my fucking ages for it to sink in too). Basically she is in love with two people. According to my law, being in love with two people at once is illegal. That’s breaking my law. When someone breaks my law and just close my eyes and picture what happens to them in my mind. I visualised unclicking my seatbelt and lunging over to attack her. Nothing serious, just a small ‘scratch her eyes out’ moment. But when I opened my eyes, I looked to my left and that ugly thing was still in tact. Just in case you’re thinking “god, she’s over reacting a bit” then you’re wrong. Wrong. Not only is she in love with my boyfriend, but she’s sticking her fat nose (seriously, she has a fat nose) in our relationship. You know, stuff that ISN’T HER GOD DAMN BUSINESS. She never talks to my boyfriend in public but she asks him all these personal questions about us and how our relationship is ‘going’. Not only does she ask inappropriate questions, she disses me, talks shit about me and describes me in ways she thinks are right. But she’s obviously wrong. So wrong that I feel like hitting her a lot with a plank of wood and throwing her about the room by her hair.

Yeah, I’m a bitch. But she’s a ‘that’s too far/inappropriate bitch’. Sitting next to her for that 40 minutes made my face go red and my knuckles go white. If I were a cartoon character then smoke would be steaming out of my ears and nose god dammit.

I don’t hate many people. But yeah, I hate her.

Signing off,


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  1. bitchh said,

    damn this girl sounds like a massive trouble maker!

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